Sunday, February 28, 2010


The goal we set 20 years ago: to become a reading family

The piles I sorted things into while picking up the living room yesterday:

Buffy's books
T-bone's books
Hammer's books
Dirty socks
General family kid books
Grown-up books
Current magazines
Magazines to file
Magazines to throw away
Books other people loaned us
Public library books
University library books
Elementary school library books
Junior high school library books
High school library books

Available evidence indicates that living (as in living room) = reading.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thanks, Shaun White

I must not have been paying attention to the Winter Olympics lately, because there are some way-out sports this year I’d never heard of before. Freestyle moguls? Board cross? I watch with jaw on floor.

So far, though, Shaun White totally owns the Olympics for our family. He’d already won halfpipe when it was his turn for his second run. He even joked that he could just slide straight down the middle if he wanted. Instead, he blew his own gold-medal score off the board with an incredible set of flips, twists, and spins that made my whole family leap to our feet, clapping, shouting, and laughing.

Thanks, Shaun White—for that grin, too.

One question remains. What if half-pipe had been invented 400 years ago, and figure skating were invented tomorrow? Would half-pipe take place indoors, with sequins and chiffon, and would figure skaters shred over an outdoor lake in parkas that look like flannel shirts and snow pants that look like bluejeans?

Just asking...
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