Monday, November 17, 2008

Look Under Things

Everyone who knows my mom knows her sure-fire, one-step method for finding what you're looking for: look under things. Her mom always says it to her, she always said it to me, and if my kids have lost something, I just ask, "What would Grandma do?"

"Look under things," they sigh.

The thing is, she's usually right (as she is quick to remind me—that's the other thing she always says). You scan the room, look around a little, find nothing. But you start picking things up, and there are your keys or your markers or your marbles. Marbles, especially—I lose those on a regular basis.

So, we have here the Look Under Things blog, dedicated to looking at, around, and under whatever's on my mind at the moment. Statistically speaking, this is likely to include:

You must especially remember the misc. Welcome! Come have a look with me.

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