Sunday, October 23, 2011


It took however long it took (long!), but we have finished reading the New Testament as a family. We generally celebrate scripture-reading milestones with a cake, and this one merited a big cake. Since the New Testament ends in the Book of Revelation, that was on everyone's mind when we started cake designing. And John's vision lends itself to expression in Legos and cake. So here we have...

The Cake of the Apocalypse!

 Note the 7-headed beast.

Also the Pearly Metal Detector (they might have taken some poetic license).

Everyone had a much better time designing hell than heaven. Much cake was had by all!


  1. lee ann, doug sent thhis to me (i don't remember to follow blogs or facebook) and i thought it was so so great and funny. congratulate your children for me

  2. LOVE IT! Well done on both counts.

  3. Harry Potter legos came in handy! I think my family would enjoy scripture reading more if I enticed them with something like this. That is so awesome! Though, doesn't hell look a little like Mordor? Just asking. Maybe it's the viking helmet. Halloween costumes yet? We're fighting the 'Homemade isn't as good as store-bought' argument over here. Nathan wants to be a dementor. I said okay because it's a literary character, not just another scream-knockoff, isn't it?


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